Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Finishing Strong

Photo by Erika - What remains of her home.
Last night Erika updated her blog with a beautiful but candid post about the aftermath of the fire.  Just to warn you, you may need a tissue. 
Photo by Erika of Ivory Hut
For five straight days we've asked you to help us spread the word about our fundraising efforts for Friends of Ivory Hut.  Not only did you spread the word, you've helped us raise $9500.  With only two days left our first stage of relief assistance, we only have $500 to go!  It amazes me but doesn't surprise me how incredibly supportive and generous you've been and we thank you.

I found this photo Erika shot and was struck by how beautiful it is.  Even though this boat is headed straight into the uncertainty of a crashing waterfall, there are many people on board to journey with her.  This is exactly how I view all of the people who have compassionately supported Erika with positive thoughts, prayers, and a monetary donation.  We are all in this together... she is not alone.

With only two days left in our campaign, we hope to raise the remaining $500 to reach our goal of $10,000.  For everyone who has already donated, thank you so much.  You've helped Erika and her family more than you'll ever know.  And for anyone still considering donating, please feel free to read through the last entries to understand the mission of this fundraising project. 

Thank you again for all your active support.  We would not have made it this far without you.

Your friends,
Alice and Maggy

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  1. Amazing. Thanks so much for your updates and the time and effort you have put into this.