Monday, September 6, 2010

Because of You - Almost There

Photo by Maggy Keet - Rancho La Puerta
Last week, Jamie from My Baking Addiction wrote a blog post about Erika which I read almost as soon as it was posted. There was only one comment – but it struck me. I read it a few times. After saying that she had donated, a woman named Beth had written:

"I realized how often I don’t give “strangers” another thought. It’s so easy to concentrate on my own “problems” and brush off the trouble of others."

Her insightful comment reminded me of watching a video clip of the fire on Erika’s local news website. My Dad and I watched with gaping jaws. “Wow,” Dad said, “usually this is just news, but it’s so difficult to watch when it’s someone you know.”

There are billions of strangers in this world and countless tragedies that never make the evening news, but no matter the size of your heart, it is impossible to personalize or sympathize with every one. But we want to thank everyone who did give Erika and her family another thought. It is because of you that we have nearly reached our $10,000 goal and it is because of you that we are no longer strangers. Caring for people we don’t know draws us close and strengthens the incredible community we have.

Please help us raise these last several hundred dollars by Wednesday!

Your friends,
Maggy and Alice


  1. To paraphrase, *Strangers are only Twitter and Blogger Friends You Haven't Met Yet*

    The news about Erika is still getting out to *new friends* this week. I have no doubt that you will not only meet, but exceed the $10,000 goal.

  2. I have refrained from leaving a comment as I do not know Erika personally. However, when I read of the tragedy my first inclination was to make a donation. Not because I'm so magnanimous, or charitable, but because she is part of my greater community. She is a neighbor, and neighbors help neighbors.

  3. I not only don't know Erika personally, nor did I follow her on Twitter before this. But I have commented on Twitter when re-tweeting about this fundraiser, "There, but for the grace of G-d, go any of us." This is the sort of thing that can happen to any of us at any moment. That's why I gave.

  4. So very happy to read this update...just got back from 4 days of being away and unplugged and this way heavy on my mind!! It is actions like this...folks banding together, that make the world a better place.