Sunday, September 5, 2010

Your Generosity Is Amazing

Photo by Erika of Ivory Hut
"The other day, as we went back to where our house stood, I stopped by the house next door. Their young daughters along with their friends had put up a lemonade stand. It read "Fresh Lemonade, 50 cents." (Of course, I started thinking that maybe I can suggest that they make their lemonade special and add some muddled mint leaves to it. Food blogging is a hard habit to break.) Then I read the bottom of the sign: "All the money goes to the house next door." I walked to their stand to thank them but I couldn't help bursting into tears.

I am heartened by the thought that these kids, at a young age, simply made up their mind to help and did something about it." - Erika

In the last five days "Friends of Ivory Hut" has raised $8500 for Erika and her family.  Your outpouring of support has been nothing short of amazing.  Of course this could not have happened without every tweet, Facebook tweet, email, and other ways of spreading Erika's story with your friends and family.  THANK YOU!  We are hoping to raise the last $1500 the next few days and would greatly appreciate it if you continued to help us with this campaign.

Erika's positive attitude, deep sense of gratitude, and outlook on this sad situation has been incredibly inspiring.  I know she feels uplifted, encouraged, and hopeful for her future.  Much of her positive disposition has to do with your swift supportive response to to help.  She is overwhelmed with gratitude from the food and photography community so much.  In fact, I would say she is overflowing with gratitude. She already has plans to find ways to give back to her community.  But for right now, she is humbled by the kindness of others.

We will keep you updated as we are updated.  Please continue to send positive thoughts her way.

Your friends,

Alice and Maggy

PS:  We will continue to update this site throughout the week.  We've posted the links to each new entry in the left sidebar for those who want to follow updates.

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